I don’t know if you know this but I have very low self confidence and it ruins my life.

Recently, events have arose that have made me worry about my worth to my boyfriend.

Now, a lot of people in my life leave. Not necessery partners but my friends, and even if they are still my friends, they always prefer someone else over me. My life is just been second option.

I don’t know what it is about me but no matter what it always leads to this situation.

This brings on to my boyfriend. The day I was expressing my worries about other girls and he argues that other girls will never be better than me and that they will never be better than me, to which I argue ‘but you don’t know that’, he argues back saying that ‘well are they any other boys better than me?’ to which I reply ‘no’, ‘case closed’ he says.

And I always find this hard to believe, I’ve never met anyone who would rather have me than someone else, what if he’s the same?

He always says he thinks exactly like me. But is that possible to be someone with the same intentions as everyone else.

But what if he’s the exception to the rule?